Sunday, 2 September 2012

Gone, but not quite.

After roughly thirteen years in the business, I've decided to call it a night for k23 productions.  We've had a whale of a time with groundbreaking products such as Icefire, Cloud:9ine, dotWidget, Process Controller, S:Kimo-Jo, eggShell and - best of all - Snarl.

Most of these products are still available from various download sites and many are still in development in some form or another.

I'd encourage you to update your bookmarks to point to the Full Phat Products and Snarl home pages - there's some phat stuff going on over there.

Aka CheekieMunkie, k23 productions.

Over And Out.

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Yes, we're now a blog

Website content hasn't changed and if - like me - you've bookmarked the news.php page you'll not be seeing this blog anyway.  For the forseeable, this Blog will be the main hub of your k23-related entertainment.  There's not much going on up on the surface at the moment but we're whipping up a storm underneath - you'll see...

Restore button greyed/grayed out in Time Machine?

Just check that you've clicked on one or more files/folders first.  I didn't think to do this (seems stupid in hindsight) and felt proper silly when I realised...

Moving your iTunes library?

Thought it would be easy - especially on the good ole mac-e-an-tosh...


Was sitting watching 67GB of data restore itself at a coal-powered pace from Time Machine when I discovered this guide.  Followed the instructions and bingo - ratings, movies/tv shows, first-track-of-each-album - all back where they should be - on my external 1TB drive.  Bliss...

Friday, 30 May 2008

Snarl R2.0 Released

Snarl 2.0 is now available for general download from the brand new Snarl 2.0 site at A huge thank you goes out to the various testers, bug reporters and question askers. An even bigger thank you goes out to Sven for producing hundreds of revisions of the website until I was happy with it! Go grab it, then spread the word. Don't forget that the Snarl forums are now hosted at the Snarl SourceForge project.

Thursday, 29 May 2008

It's on its way...

Snarl R2.0 is very nearly ready!

Right now we are just putting the finishing touches to the brand new website at but if you have a Search or Forage around you might just find the R2.0 release yourself...

Happy hunting! :)

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Here's the plan... was taken down again due to an attempted DOS attack on the webserver.  Consequently, I'm now going to be concentrating more on utilising a distributed environment for the services currently provided by the main site.

From this point forward I plan to post all news to this blog so please bookmark this blog for future reference.